At LEX, our clients are our partners and not merely buyers or purchasers. We will serve as Your Extra Staff. Experience has taught us that the overwhelming majority of athletic marketing departments are both underfunded and understaffed. We have also found that many staff members have multiple roles within the department and very few are adequately knowledgeable in the area of promotional products. Collaborating with your team, we will leverage our reliable expertise in your department providing a clear path to achieving your goals. With our customized services and programs, we can meet your every need. Say YES to LEX.
Below are some of the services we offer:

1. GameDay Premiums

a. Let LEX become your source for game day giveaways for your athletic events. We will create experiences thought products that will strengthen the relationship between your organization and your sponsors. We will assist you with extracting the maximum value from your sponsors by creating a promotional campaign that will give the best and extended exposure to their brand. Game day promotions are also a great way to increase attendance and community involvement as well as serve as an effective vehicle to shit your brand perception and repositioning your corporate image.

2. Fan Loyalty Programs

a. LEX will work with your team to develop programs that will increase season ticket sales and participation.

3. Product Development

a. We will develop the products you need on the basis of your target price, product requirements and schedule. We will produce them wherever the required expertise is available at the best price and deliver them to your warehouse. Whether it is a modification of an existing product or a new product we will help you manifest your vision

4. Fan Special Buy Market

a. We can establish an online store to market limited, themed merchandise to be offered to all or specific fans and supporters.

5. Concept Development

a. We will capture your imagination and manifest your ideas and concepts into profit. If you have a project, thought or image that exists only in your mind, we will work with you to develop a program that will illustrate the objectives of your vision and achieve your desired results.

6. Asset Identification

a. We can help you put more revenue into your programs and strengthen your existing sponsorship investments by identifying assets that can be sponsored and assigning each a value. We will also audit your existing sponsorship packages and provide recommendations on adding and enhancing those sponsorships.